Specialty Services

Saebo-Flex Rehab

Stroke is the leading cause for long-term disability in the United States. It affects no less than 700,000 Americans every year, who are often left with little ability to use their hands effectively. Saebo-Flex is a custom-built orthosis that is mechanical, yet not electric. It positions the wrist and fingers in advance of functional activities. With the help of Saebo-Flex, a patient can grasp things by flexing his/her fingers.

Oceanside Care Center remains the only facility where stroke rehab patients in Nassau County can benefit from the special style of rehabilitation made available by Saebo-Flex technology. For years, Oceanside Care Center has offered topnotch stroke rehab for people from all over New York.  Since acquiring the Saebo-Flex, the only one of its kind in the area, Oceanside has taken its stroke rehab program to an even higher level.

Our specialty services also include advanced health technologies like:

ZOLL LifeVest

A wearable defibrillator for patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest, providing protection as their condition changes.


Interactive exercises incorporate fun virtual activities and environments, making muscle and flexibility training more engaging.

ACP OmniStand

A dynamic balance system that safely supports patients as they practice stretching and swaying, thereby increasing their stability.

ACP OmniCycle

Patients with physical limitations strengthen their arms and legs with this stationary cycle powered by smart-assist technology.

ACP OmniStim

A gentle electrical stimulation system that imitates the body’s natural impulses, helping to retrain muscles and manage pain.